Ir. Wijnand Sukkel
Applied Plant Research
Wageningen University and Research Centre
Sustainable Farming and Food Systems
Research coordinator organic plant production and soil management
Edelhertweg 1
8219 PH Lelystad
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 320 291375

Wageningen University and Research Centre, Applied Plant Research (WUR-APR)

The Department of Applied Plant Research of Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR-APR, has a long history in research in organic farming systems.

Starting in 1978 with research on Organic Farming Systems (OBS)  in Nagele,  their research had a large impact on the development of organic agriculture in the Netherlands. Over the years numerous organic and low input farming systems for arable and vegetable production have been tested and improved using the prototyping methodology. Organic matter management, organic nutrient management and weed control and prevention being an integral part of the farming systems research.

Starting in 1997 the research group coordinated a large European project on the development of integrated and organic vegetable farming systems.

The last decade the focus of the research has been more on sustainable soil management using alternative tillage techniques. Momentarily WUR-APR is running two long-term experiments on minimized tillage and a network of pilot farms involved in reduced tillage techniques.

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