Dr. Philippe Delfosse
Project Leader
Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann (CRP-GL)
41 rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux
Tel. + 352 47 02 61 - 442
Fax + 352 47 02 64

Public Research Center-Gabriel Lippmann (CRP-GL)

The Environment and Agro-biotechnologies (EVA) Department of CRP-GL ( studies the complex mechanisms of natural and anthropogenic ecosystems, with a view to develop assessment tools for conserving these resources, to maintain or re-establish their quality.

EVA, with a staff of more than 80 researchers, engineers and technicians, has developed a multidisciplinary expertise in the environment and agro-biotechnologies, following four strategic lines of development and innovation:

  • Earth sciences and land-use management;
  • Sciences of the natural and antropogenic environment, and their eco-technology applications;
  • Life sciences (animal and plant biology) and their bio-technology applications in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and viticulture;
  • Nutrition and toxicology.

The research group, in close collaboration with organic farming associations in Luxembourg (IBLA), has gained experience in phytosociology, especially weed ecology.

Scientist involved

  • Principal Investigator: Philippe Delfosse (CRP-GL)
  • Senior Researcher: Christophe Hissler (CRP-GL)
  • Senior Researcher: Cédric Guignar (CRP-GL)
  • Researcher: Sébastien Lemaigre (CRP-GL)
  • Senior Researcher: Raymond Aendekerk (IBLA)