Dr. Julia Cooper
Nafferton Ecological Farming Group
Newcastle University
Nafferton Farm
Stocksfield, Northumberland.
Tel. +44 1661 830222
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Newcastle University (UNEW)

The University of Newcaslte (UNEW, will be involved in the project via the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group (NEFG,, an internationally renowned research group within the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (SAFRD). NEFG’s research at UNEW’s Nafferton Experimental Farm focuses on strategies to optimize production in collaboration with organic farmers. NEFG is supported by SAFRD, which promotes excellence in research and teaching relating to food, agriculture, and rural environments.

Project activities will be lead by Dr. Julia Cooper, who is actively involved with research into soil processes that control GHG emissions and nitrate losses to water (EU FP7 NTOOLBOX); with support from Prof. Dr. Carlo Leifert, who has a long history of research activity in organic and low-input systems (e.g. EU FP5 BLIGHT-MOP; EU FP6 QualityLowInputFood); and Dr. Stephen Wilcockson, who has expertise in the agronomy of organic field crop production in the UK.  Support with data analysis, particularly the meta-analysis tasks, will be provided by Mr. Marcin Baranski.

Scientists involved