Dr Paul Mäder
Head of the Department of Soil Sciences
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL
Ackerstrasse 113
5070 Frick
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Projects related to reduceed tillage

International Projects

AcronymProject Title Period Funding body Related topics TILMAN members Country Key results ComplementarityLink
QLIFQualityLowInputFood Improving quality and safety and reduction of cost in the European organic and ‘low input’ food supply chains2004-2009FP6External inputs, Soil qualityFiBL, UNEW, LBI, ISARACH, UK, NL, F Organic food has good quality; bottlenecks identified; long-term stability of soil qualitySoil stability and
NTOOLBOXToolbox of cost-effective strategies for on-farm reductions in N losses to water2009-2012FP7Modelling strategies for reduced N lossesLBI, UNEWNL, UKongoingModelling tool will be
BoFruSteigerung der Wertschöpfung ökologisch angebauter Marktfrüchte durch Optimierung des Managements der Bodenfruchtbarkeit2008-2011BLE, BÖLCrop rotations, reduced soil tillage, green manure, soil qualityWIZ, FiBLDE, CHongoingTillage x green manure combination, effects of green manure
NUE-CROPSImproving nutrient use efficiency in major European food, feed and biofuel crops to reduce the negative environmental impact of crop production2009-2014FP7Testing of different off-farm inputs and crop responseUNEW, FiBL, WURUK, CH, NLongoingReduced soil tillage included in Nafferton field
PathorganicQuality and safety of organically produced vegetables throughout the production chain2007-2011CORE ORG IProduct qualityFiBL, HMGUCH,
AgTec-OrgAgronomical and technological methods to improve organic wheat quality2007-2010CORE ORG IReduced tillageISARA, FiBLF, CHLower wheat yield during conversion; lower N-contents of cereal grains  in reduced tillage; baking qualityLong-term effects Carbon sequestration new experiment: tillage x green
ENDUREEuropean Network for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies2007-2010FP6Diversifying crop protectionWUR, SSSANL, ITMulticriteria analysis of cropping systems (incl. no-till and green manures).
Weed control. Weed ecology and biodiversity in cropping systems.
Soil quality, innovative machines for non-chemical weed control, development of a weed traits
BERASBaltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society2010-2013EU Centr. Baltic Interreg IV AGreen manureEULSEE, SE, FI, PL, DE, LVongoingSoil stability and
REDBIOUn réseau transfrontalier d’expérimentation, d’échange et de transfert pour le développement de l’agriculture biologique en productions végétales au service des techniciens, des agriculteurs biologiques et des agriculteurs conventionnels2009-2011INTERREG-EUSoil quality, plant bio-diversity,  tillage, rotation, fertilisationUBES, (F)Technical constraints in organic systems. Organic farming enhances weed biodiversity Farmers interviews, Weed community dynamics and functional
SOLIBAMStrategies for Organic and Low-input Integrated Breeding and Management2010-2014FP7Diversified cropping systems. Interaction between cultivars and green manures to improve organic farming systemsORC, SSSA, CIRAAUK, (F), ITongoingRelation between species diversification and tillage
VEGINEOIntegrated and ecological vegetable production, development of sustainable farming systems focussing on high quality and minimum environmental impact1997-2001FAIR 3CTPrototyping methodoogyWUR-APRNL, IT, ES, CHPrototypes of integrated and organic vegetable production systemsPrototyping methodology
PEPITESEcological, technical and social innovation processes in Conservation Agriculture2009-2012Agence National de la RechercheConservation agricultureISARAFR, Brazil, MadagascarongoingMultidisciplinary research on conservation agriculture in conventional and
WECOFStrategies of Weed Control in Organic Farming2000-2004FP5Crop architecture, allelopathyDE, UK, PL, ES, ITStrategies of Weed Control in Organic FarmingNo consideration of the potentials for interaction with  tillage