Prof. Dr. Marco Mazzoncini
Full Professor
Director of Interdepartmental Center of Agri-environmental Researches "Enrico Avanzi"
Via Vecchia di Marina 6
56122 San Piero a Grado - Pisa
Tel. +39 050 2210504
Fax +39 050 2210503

Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerche Agro-Ambientali (CIRAA)

The research activity of the Interdepartmental Centre of Agro-Ecological Research CIRAA ( is characterised by: on-farm demand-driven research, long-term experiments, multidisciplinary research with systems approach. CIRAA extensive acreage (700 hectares) allows to conduct on-farm research at field scale. Plot-scale experiments are usually included in the layout of larger scale (fields) experiments. Main research topics of CIRAA include: cropping systems, soil tillage, cover crops, organic farming, agricultural mechanisation, animal husbandry, food quality, biomass and bioenergy.

In the early 1980s, CIRAA initiated a series of long-term experiments; at present, one on cropping systems, two on soil tillage, one on cover crops, one on organic farming and one on short rotation forestry are present. To ease the setting up of multidisciplinary research teams, CIRAA has stipulated dedicated conventions with the Sant'Anna Higher School for Advanced Studies of Pisa (SSSA).

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