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Ir. Wijnand Sukkel
Applied Plant Research
Wageningen University and Research Centre
Sustainable Farming and Food Systems
Research coordinator organic plant production and soil management
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The Netherlands
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Design of Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Systems by Use of Knowledge-Based Assessment (Work Package 6)

There is a need for robust cropping systems which are adapted to pedo-climatic conditions in Europe. The main objective of WP6 is to design new arable systems in organic farming including conservation agricultural techniques to preserve soil fertility and biodiversity and to enhance crop performance.

The design is performed in three steps

  • (a) prototyping of new cropping systems by researchers,
  • (b) assessment of obtained prototypes with modelling and
  • (c) discussion and evaluation of the prototypes with farmers and advisors.

For this process the project will exploit data compiled in the meta-analysis (work package 2), and integrate new findings of work packages 3 to 5.


  • Work package manager: Dr. Joséphine Peigné, ISARA, France
  • Deputy manager: N.N., Wageningen University and Research Centre, Applied Plant Research (WUR-APR), The Netherlands


  • Task 6.1 Modelling and multi-criteria assessment of existing experiments
  • Task 6.2 Design cropping systems and farmers’ assessment

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