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Ir. Koen Willekens
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Improved Nutrient Management in Reduced Tillage Systems by Use of Green Manures and Appropriate Off-Farm Inputs (Work Package 5)

The goal of this work package is a more rational use of green manures and off-farm inputs in reduced tillage systems to optimise N utilisation.

The adoption of reduced tillage and/or green manures strongly affects N quantity and availability during the vegetative period and throughout the crop rotation.

Experiments on incorporation of green manures, fodder legume crops, carbon rich composted off-farm inputs, and on- or off-farm produced N-rich plant residues will be assessed with respect to their effect on N dynamics in subsequent crops in reduced tillage systems.

The effect of tillage systems and nutrient management (including green manure and fertilization treatments) on N cycling and carbon pools will be simulated using the NDICEA model.


  • Work package manager: Ing. Sjef J.J.M. Staps, Louis Bolk Institute, The Netherlands
  • Deputy manager:Ir. Koen Willekens, ILVO, Belgium


  • Task 5.1: Effect of grass-clover ley, green manure and off-farm inputs on nutrient dynamics and crop performance under reduced tillage
  • Task 5.2 Calibration of NDICEA for nitrogen and carbon

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