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Effects of Reduced tillage and Green Manure on Crop Performance (Yield and Quality Indicators), Weed Management and Soil Quality: A State of the Art Analysis (Work Package 2)

Peer reviewed literature on reduced tillage and green manure under organic farming conditions is extremely scarce, although there are a considerable number of on-going projects in European countries.

The goal of work package 2 is to assemble the existing knowledge in this research field and to publish a "state of the art analysis".

For this compilation, data provided by partners of work package 1 will be used in a multi-site/multi-year analysis that includes tillage, green manure and site as factors.

The findings from these trials will be supplemented by the experiential data collected from farmer interviews and by findings from the peer reviewed and grey literature.


  • Work package manager:  Dr. Julia Cooper, Nafferton Ecological Farming Group, Newcastle University, UK
  • Deputy manager: Joséphine Peigné, ISARA, France


  • Task 2.1: Farmer interviews on the use of reduced tillage and green manure in organic farming
  • Task 2.2 Handbook of methods and data collection protocols for minimum data sets - part crops
  • Task 2.3 Statistical analysis of data on reduced tillage and green manure and publication of findings