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Management of Mid-term and Long-term Experiments on Reduced Tillage and Green Manure Across Europe (Work Package 1)

Mid-term and long-term experiments on reduced tillage and green manures are a valuable tool to assess the impacts of these practices on yield, soil quality and biodiversity.

Because these impacts are highly dependent on soil and climate, study sites have been selected in different pedo-climatic regions in Europe (Central, North-eastern, Atlantic, and Mediterranean).

The goals of work package 1 are to

  • (a) give an overview of existing field trials with reduced tillage and green manures across Europe in the partner countries, including recently established trials, and
  • (b) provide data for work package 2 (meta-analysis), the case studies (work packages 3 to 5) and work package 6 (cropping system prototyping).


  • Work package manager: Dr. Paul Mäder, Research Institute of Organic Agricultrure (FiBL), Switzerland
  • Deputy manager: Dr. Julia Cooper, Nafferton Ecological Farming Group, Newcastle University, UK


  • Task 1.1: Short-term, mid-term and long-term trials with reduced tillage and/or green manure and biodiversity and crop yield, which will be exploited in work packages 2 and 4. 
  • Task 1.2: Data transfer for meta-analysis, case studies, and prototyping