Work Packages of the TILMAN-ORG Project

The work of TILMAN-ORG is organised in six work packages.

Work package 0
Coordination and Dissemination (Work Package 0)
Work package 1
Management of Mid-term and Long-term Experiments on Reduced Tillage and Green Manure Across Europe (Work Package 1)
Work package 2
Effects of Reduced tillage and Green Manure on Crop Performance (Yield and Quality Indicators), Weed Management and Soil Quality: A State of the Art Analysis (Work Package 2)
Work package 3
Impact of Reduced Tillage and Green Manures on Soil Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Work Package 3)
Work package 4
Improved Weed Management and Functional Weed Biodiversity Under Conservation Methods (WP 4)
Work package 5
Improved Nutrient Management in Reduced Tillage Systems by Use of Green Manures and Appropriate Off-Farm Inputs (Work Package 5)
Work package 6
Design of Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Systems by Use of Knowledge-Based Assessment (Work Package 6)